harrisbricken Episode 45 – Kai-Friedrich Niermann (Germany and Cannabis)

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In Episode #45, we are joined by Kai-Friedrich Niermann, to discuss Germany, the EU, and cannabis. We discuss:

– Germany’s major topics of the day: Covid, climate change, Brexit, and cannabis policy.
– Germany’s role within the EU, including its reluctance to take a leading role, together with Germany’s alliance with France in addressing Poland and Hungary’s rule of law problems.
– Kai’s decision to become a lawyer and transition from general corporate work to cannabis.
– Europe’s booming CBD market and novel food regulations in the EU, together with uneven criminal enforcement.
– The emergence and Kai’s involvement in the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and the International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA).
– Germany’s path toward broader cannabis legalization.
– Outside investment in the EU’s cannabis market from Canada, the U.S., Spain, New Zealand, and Australia.

Reading, listening, and watching recommendations from:

– Deeper Shades of House (a German music podcast)
– Hanfverband.de (for information on Germany’s cannabis market)
– Krautinvest.de (a cannabis investment tracker for Germany)

– Family Tree and Memories apps from FamilySearch

– The Crown from Netflix