The legal CBD flowers and hemp leaf tea Opinion

The opinion examines the marketability of unprocessed hemp products such as CBD flowers and hemp leaf tea. As a result, CBD flowers as a herbal smoking product, provided they are imported from one of the EU countries where these flowers are freely marketable, are also considered a legal product in Germany. In addition, the report contains extensive information on the legal classification of CBD flowers as a herbal smoking product under TPD 2, with the consequences for labeling, notification and applicable tobacco tax.

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About the author

Kai has been a business and corporate lawyer in Germany for 17 years gaining wide range of experiences in the process. He is very familiar with the interconnectivity between national and European regulations, especially in regard to consumer protection, product safety and emerging new cannabis products.

He has engaged in advocacy relating to cannabis beginning in early stages of his studies at Philipps University Marburg when the German Supreme Court ruled that small amounts of cannabis should not be criminalized. After medical cannabis was legalized, Kai started a legal blog ( on all the relevant new developments in the emerging cannabis market and became a legal expert especially for CBD products.

The Law firm KFN+

Kai and his Law firm KFN+ consult major CBD and medical cannabis companies and is legal advisor to the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), which is working on a Novel Food joint application for different CBD products.


The legal CBD flowers and hemp leaf tea Opinion

All prices on request