GIF and ICBC Berlin 2022- the videos!

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GIF and ICBC Berlin 2022, here are the videos:

Here are the links to the videos of the ICBC Berlin 2022 with KFN+:

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Regulatory Update for Germany, Switzerland and the EU

Industry regulation trends in Europe's leading cannabis markets

Sensible regulations are needed to ensure that investments in the emerging cannabis industry are protected as much as reasonably possible. Wherever the cannabis industry is allowed to operate it encounters a highly regulated environment, which to some degree is necessary in order to convince lawmakers to transition an illegal market into a regulated one. One of the most important aspects of investing in the cannabis industry is knowing the regulatory environment you want to invest in. This panel provided a quick overview of the latest regulatory developments in Germany, Switzerland and the EU.

Berlin B2B

Cannabis Legalization on the Horizon in Germany

How to prepare for a completely new market

The legalization of cannabis for adult use in Germany will be the most comprehensive and significant drug policy reform project that has taken place in Europe to date. It's an effort that is proving to be difficult for German politicians to initiate quickly due to various factors inside and outside of the nation's borders. That, in turn, makes it difficult for national and international cannabis companies to prepare for the new market since they do not know when legalization will actually happen and what market regulations will actually look like. This panel discussed strategies and what to potentially expect from Germany's regulators and reform legislators regarding the future structure of Germany's emerging cannabis market.